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Why you should hire one of our ABA Tutors?

ABA (Applied Behaviour anaylsis) Tutors should love their job! Passion is a key element we seek in the tutors who work with us. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile and our staff being dedicated the company vision. We train speed, organisation and initiative to ensure every minutes of your ABA program is affective. This alongside our ABA training which has been developed over 7 years adds extra to the service you receive.

Tutors start at £18 per hour

Our tutors are:

  • Insured
  • Criminally checked (DBS checked)
  • Provided with theory and practical training which follows the guidelines of the RBT targets and modules (Tutor qualification)
  • Take child safeguarding training which is accredited by Highfield and CQC
  • Monitored by frequent check in visits

What are our ABA Tutor’s qualifications?

Our tutors go through a thorough screening process which is aimed to access their initiative, passion and ability to take direction. This process has been developed based on the principles of behaviourism over the past 7 years. Our recruitment process aims to find candidates who have the natural ability to be outstanding Applied Behaviour Analysis tutors.

We select ABA tutors who have or are studing towards psychological and/or education based degrees. We also select individuals who have experience working with children as we feel candidates from this background have the ability to play naturally. All of which contributes to the adaptive abilities of each tutor.

We then provide successful candidates with a child protection course, Applied Behaviour Analysis theory and practical training which covers all key areas of ABA (developed and provided by a BCBA consultant) along with top tips from our Managing Director, Charnel Conway and our experienced team, who collectively have 13 years experience in ABA. This gives our tutors a head start! They are able to gain knowledge and tips which can take years to collect via their on going training. Our training process is not just related to the ABA theory itself but the practicality of teaching when conducting and ABA session.

 Our tutor regulations

Our tutors all have skills tracking sheets which follow the RBT guidelines and training modules and ensure a high standard of ABA. When a tutor is visited by a member of our staff these sheets are reviewed and updated. The tutors also have access to our online portal which is full of top tips and videos to help them with each ABA program. They have assess to this wherever they go!

We employ all of our staff so they must comply with our policies and procedures which enables us to provide a great service to families and makes their ABA experience stress free and more efficient.

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