We provide a range of services aim at families who would like to try ABA and those who may want to try an alternative. From free advise to services to train parents or have individuals work on a 1:1 basis with your child. Our aim is to always provide you with something valuable to take away.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

We provide a full one-stop service should you want to start ABA. We provide ABA consultancy services and ABA tutors aimed at enabling you to do ABA and an affordable cost.

Our ABA tutors are hired based on their natural ability to demonstrate initiative and their passion for working within this field. All of our staff members are trained, insured and DBS checked as well as being monitored by an experienced team of professionals. We also have ABA advocates and educational consultancy available at parent’s request.

All of our clients received free ABA training whether it be in person or online.

You can find out more about what ABA is here and how to start ABA here.

CONTACT: info@abable.co.uk for more information

Free parent training

We provide FREE ABA training to parents who would like to gain a better understanding of what ABA is and how it can help their child. We believe knowledge is power and there is nothing better than gaining the training yourself. This will enable you to oversee your ABA program with a deeper understanding, apply ABA to your daily life to enhance your child’s ability to generalise and also help you to increase the consistency in your child’s teaching procedures.

The training takes place once a month in Birmingham city centre and lasts for 3-4 hours. We cover

  • The theory of ABA
  • Functions of behaviours
  • Teaching using ABA and how to apply this to your daily lives in order to get the most our of your ABA program.
  • Our training is pack full of fun tasks and opportunities to interact with other parents.

TO BOOK CONTACT: Info@abable.co.uk

Autism friendly holiday club

We have a sister company called SENtre aimed at making your child’s school holidays that extra bit exciting. With experience staff by their side the children are encourage to engage with each other, communicate, take part in new activities and play with new toys. We also have a limited number of space for siblings and can meet to join the fun. Each day of the club will have a theme and a number of activities. ABA is not used at the club but provides a fantastic opportunity to generalise skills.

  • Experience DBS checked staff
  • Based in Birmingham with amazing transport links
  • Built in wacky warehouse and a range of toys
  • Targets for children who attend frequently
  • Click here to find our more.



Do you have questions? or concerns? We are here to help. Simply email info@abable.co.uk and we will arrange a time to call you. if we do not know the answer we may know someone who does! This service is free to use.