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Hi my name is Charnel  and I work with young people with special needs and have done for over 10 years.  I have a psychology degree, levels 1-4 in makaton and have specialised in Autism throughout my career.   I have worked in schools, holiday clubs, nurseries and homes and helped countless families and children.

I’m here because I love helping children who may need that extra special care.  This is my expertise and I have spent my life devoted to this cause.

Over the years I have seen the problems parents face in getting help with their children and I have seen the need to focus on this aspect of help.  I have seen parents stressed, lose relationships and have breakdowns because of lack of support.

My goal is now to change this I have recently curated an online programme with the help of ABA consultants, parents and children that helps a parent in all aspects of life.  From toilet training to challenging behaviours alongside FULL ABA services via ABAble so we have different services to offer depending on your budget.

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