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chance to learn.

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To apply email your CV to: recruitment@abable.co.uk please state your location and the areas you are happy to travel to.

What is ABA?

Here at ABAble we provide 1:1 therapy to children with autism in their nurseries, schools and homes. The therapy is called Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and it involves lots of play, excitement and using human psychology to teach new skills.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) breaks down large tasks into small manageable goals and then pieces them together to complete a larger task. You would be required to find fun ways to motivate the child/children you work with. You would be provided with the tasks and notes on how to teach each target. Targets are aimed at development, academics, commination and social skills. Full training is provided in both theory and practical forms. Tutors work independently but also as part of a team. Every 1-3 months each family has a team meeting (a workshop) with other members of the ABA team members. All targets are evidence with data and this enables us to analysis progress.

What is an ABA tutor?

An ABA tutors is the individual who teaches the ABA targets. They follow the guidelines provided by a qualified ABA consultant. They teach the targets by implementing the specific ABA theory and also gaining a relationship with the child they work with to motivate and reinforce the work they are doing. ABA tutors can visit up to 4 families a week who have ABA in their homes, nurseries or school. Each family have different hours that can range between 4-35 hours a week depending on their requirements.

ABA tutor responsibilities 

– To find creative playful ways to motivate each child. This will involve lots of energy and physical play

– To teach ABA targets which are set by an ABA consultant. This is not traditional tutoring and is based on making learning fun. Targets are developmental and academic.

– To follow notes provided by the ABA consultant

– To attend ABA sessions in homes, nurseries and/or schools.

– To ensure the safety of each child while working with them

– To collect accurate data on specific targets set out by the ABA consultant

– To provide reliable and consistent work for each child

– To attend training days online and in person which are set by ABAble

– To follow any behaviour support plans provided by the ABA consultant

– To maintain communication with the team and ABAble

 – Too follow the company policies and procedures

This job provides hours that suit you. Once you book hours in with a client they will remain at the same time and day each week. All tutors must have an initial meeting with the client(s) before the clients decides to take them onto their team.

Ideal candidates would have studied Psychology or child development. You must have a passion for working with children. Energy and playful creativity are extremely important.Experience working with children is preferred. Pay increases are available as the ABA tutor targets are met. If you have ABA experience higher pay will be offered.

We have other part time and full-time roles available in homes and in schools. We find the hours that suit your schedule and location.

Job benefits
– Holiday and sick pay

– DBS checks and insurance

– Support at all times either via phone call, email and/or in person

– Alternative work in the holidays if your families only have ABA in term time

– Perk box full of discounts and goodies

– Employee of the month receives a bonus in their pay

– Extra training such as first aid and Makaton training (available dependant on the hours you work)

– Routes to progress and be promotes within the company

– Access to an online portal for helpful videos, tricks and tips.

To apply email your CV to: recruitment@abable.co.uk please state your location and the areas you are happy to travel to.