We are passionate about helping children with autism. Our services are designed with the you in mind. We have 4 packages which may suit your requirements.

Please note our consultancy services are available in the West Midlands and surrounding areas. 

Our tutors are available across the UK.


All of our services include:

  • Free parent training
  • A BCBA consultant (Qualified in Applied behaviour analysis)
  • A motivation (reinforcement) assessment session before the first workshop
  • ABA assessments such as the VB-Mapp
  • Tutor check-ins from a supervisor (frequency depends on your chosen package and hours)
  • An ABA starter pack (yellow, blue and peach services only)
  • Calls and emails to support your ABA program when you require it.
  • If you have our yellow or blue services you also get 10% off our holiday clubs.

Text Box: Consultancy Tutors Supervisors

This is the perfect formula for an intense ABA program. The ABA intensive will involve visits from not only your ABA consultant by mini workshops with your supervisors in-between, alongside our company visits at 3 month intervals. This provides an all in one service perfect for an efficient ABA program.

To find out more details contact: info@abable.co.uk

Text Box: Consultancy Tutors

The is the most common ABA model. The consultant will visit providing the targets to the tutors who will teach the child weekly. You will received company visits every 3 months to check that the tutors are providing the service according to the consultant’s guidelines and our training.

 To find out more details contact: info@abable.co.uk

Text Box: Consultancy Supervisor

Perfect for families who would like to tutor their own children. This service provide the ABA consultancy with intensive ABA training and supervision for parents. Our supervisor will visit at an interval of your choice to provide ABA training and ensure your targets are being taught correctly.

To find out more details contact: info@abable.co.uk

Text Box: Consultancy

Hired your own independent tutors? Not to worry we are happy to provide you with our A class consultancy service. Our consultant will provide ABA training to your tutors as they work with your child.

To find out more details contact: info@abable.co.uk