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ABAble: The ABA Specialists…

Our vision is to help children reach this true potential and provide them with the opportunity to learn successfully!

Welcome to ABAble we are based across the UK and we provide a range of outstanding services to families across the UK. From Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services to holiday clubs or educational consultancy services we are the service that can help you!

ABA is a fun filled play based intervention which changes the environment to cause a positive change in behaviour and making learning enjoyable for each child. The intervention can help develop all skills from communication to academics. ABA is mainly delivered as an early intervention for children with Autism (between 2-8 years old) however it can be helpful for those with Down Syndrome, Speech Delay and more. It can also be helpful to older individuals by teaching them life skills and independence.

How does ABA therapy work?

A qualified tutor will work 1:1 with your child during a session. Typically, an ABA programme will begin within the home and then may eventually progress to nursery or school. The ABA programme we provide will be created to ensure it is enjoyable for all parties. Our main purpose is for your child to learn many new skills that will be needed to help them in the future.

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Why choose ABAble?

We aim to make ABA accessible, affordable and enjoyable for children to be taught in a way which is tailored to their specific needs. We ensure that our ABA tutors are qualified and equipped with the right knowledge to help you and your child shine.

We also provide helpful advice and ABA parent training, both online and in person, so feel free to get in touch today and see how we can help you and your family’s journey. If you would like to see some of the methods we use to help young children, please click below to view some of the videos and topics we have on our Facebook page.

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